We asked teachers to CHOOSE one student that has been extraordinary so far this year as we celebrate National School Choice Week. Check out some of their selections!

Ms. Brown in 2nd grade CHOSE Tyree Trammell- he is an awesome student who shows a lot of perseverance, honesty and care every single day in our class. Ms. Brown says, “When he was chosen, the entire class yelled in excitement for him!”

Ms. Eason in 1st Grade says:

This amazing 1st Grade student is Carter Washington. Carter is always willing to lend a helping hand to his peers in and out of the classroom. He displays all characteristics of a Rocket Scholar, being safe, on task, achieving and doing his very best as well as being respectful, responsible and resourceful.

Mr. Mac CHOSE Tristan Reichenbach (6th Grade). He lives our Core Values of being Safe, On Task, Achieving, and Respectful on a consistent basis. This allows him to be a Resourceful Rocket to his fellow 6th graders. Mr. Mac says, “I look forward to and appreciate the infectious energy that he brings into our school on a daily basis”.

Pictured in the middle is Kindergarten Rocket Rocco Murray. He is in Ms. Stokes’s class and you can easily see that he has been CHOSEN based on his impeccable approach to teamwork and his spirit of positivity!

Andrew Forero is an awesome student Ms. Billman wants to highlight! He is kind and motivated, always respectful to teachers and peers and has always shown a growth mindset when it comes to his academics! Thank you for being an awesome student Andrew!

This is Ian Aguilera. Ian is showing great growth in 2nd grade. He is working hard for himself while also being a kind and considerate classmate. He enjoys being in 2nd grade and his favorite subject is math while his favorite Discovery class is PE. This is why Mrs. Howerton CHOSE Ian!

Leticia Ortiz is a great student according to 7th-grade teacher Ms. Busby! She walks proudly through the SCSA halls and she encourages others to do great. She always wears a smile and is a great example of a rocket soarrr-ing. She is seen here showing school spirit as she always does!

Ms. Achee selected Tamia because she is a true Rocket Leader at SCSA. She leads others every day through her incredible character and exemplary values. She walks into school each day with a positive attitude, growth mindset, and a strong desire to learn. Tamia not only follows all school expectations of being responsible, respectful, safe, and resourceful, but she chooses to put others first in our classroom daily and as a result, makes our classroom a better place. Great job Tamia and keep up the great work!

National School Choice Week – Student Spotlight

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