1. How much does it cost to attend?

It is totally free. SCSA is a free, public charter school.

2. What grade levels are offered in 2019-2020? 

Grades Kindergarten through sixth grade is offered for year one with 7th grade being added in 2020-2021 and 8th grade added in 2021-2022.

3. Are students required to wear uniforms?

Yes. All grade levels must wear uniforms daily. For PE, there is a uniform as well. SCSA has partnered with an approved vendor that sells all items from the waist above for school uniform and both tops and bottoms for the PE uniform. Families must purchase from the vendor but bottoms (khaki pants, skirts, etc) for the school uniform can be purchased from a retail supplier such as Target, Land’s End, etc. See our uniform tab on the website for more information. All shoes must be closed toe and closed heel (sneakers or other shoes of choice) with 90% of the shoe being one neutral color. It is highly suggested that families purchase more than one uniform as they must be worn daily. Spirit wear will be up for purchase by early August and can be worn on each Friday with a uniform bottom.

UNIFORMS: Please order uniforms from our online vendor as soon as possible. There will be a limited number of sizes and items to purchase in terms of uniforms at the Luau on Sunday…don’t delay!

SHOES: All school shoes must be closed toe and closed heel as well as 90% the same neutral color (Black, Brown, Navy, White)

4. Is this a lottery process school?

We do participate in the lottery process which started in November 2018. As of July 2019, we are now participating in the “first come first serve” basis until all seats are full. Applicants for next year will be able to apply in November 2020. Stay posted via our school website for more details later in the fall.

5. Is there a sibling guarantee and what happens if a grade level is waited listed (such as Kindergarten) but I have another child in 4th grade?

We will try our best to accommodate families with more than one child seeking entry, but there are no guarantees. 

6. What times does school start and end?

The school will begin for students at 7:45 (arrival and grab and go breakfast) with 8 am starting instructional time and the day ending at 3 pm for ALL grade levels. Before and after school care will be offered for a set fee. Please continue to check the school’s website for more information on before and after school care. 

SCHEDULES: We are still assigning students to teachers and will have those completed soon and emailed to families.

7. When does school start and will the school building be ready?

The first day is on schedule to begin August 26th. In the event that the building is not ready, a contingency plan is in place and will be overly communicated to families well in advance.

8. Will there be an AIG (Academically and Intellectually Gifted) program offered at SCSA?

For year one (19-20) we will not offer an AIG program. Charter schools in NC are not required to provide this in our schools, but we will take much time reviewing the status of our students in the first 60 days of school to determine their needs. We are confident that our instructional practices, curriculum resources and staff of wonderful teachers will create the most engaging days for students. Our partnership with Discovery Place will also support a rich project-based learning framework for our STEM school. 

9. Will all teachers be certified?

A percentage of teachers must be certified in all NC schools. We are on target to meet that goal at SCSA. Those teachers not certified will be partnered with a mentor and attending professional development both in and out of the school to help them achieve a licensure/certified status by the close of the 2019-2020 year. 

10. How does the transportation work for the school?

We do offer free bus service for families within a 6 miles radius from the school. Check out our transportation tab for updates on the bus routes, etc. Otherwise, we are prepared to welcome families in carpool each morning and afternoon. 

11. Is there a cafeteria and hot lunch?

While we do have a cafeteria, it will not be full service as in many public schools. We have partnered with a well established vendor that will offer pre-packaged meals that can be heated and served to students daily. To qualify for this service, families will need to fill out the federal lunch program document. Check our website as we post this information.

12. Will there be staggered entry for Kindergarten?

Absolutely! We realize the importance of a smooth transition for our youngest Rockets. Stay posted for specifics on dates and times for staggered entry.

13. What curriculum is used at SCSA and do you EOG test?

As our overarching curriculum, we will follow the NC state standards for ELA/Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies and Health/PE. However, as a STEM school, we will also use supplementary materials from STEMScopes, GoMath, Lucy Calkins Reader and Writer’s Workshop as well as a wealth of other aligned resources. Students will benefit from the workshop model, project-based learning and a STEM lab in grades K-6 to support growing brains. Our classrooms will reflect a variety of learning styles with high student accountability that fosters inquiry learning. We will be hosting an Evening of Teaching and Learning in early September to help families best understand the modes of teaching and learning at SCSA. Get ready to hear great stories at your dinner tables!!!

The state End of Grade (EOG) testing program begins in grade 3 for all schools. SCSA does participate in this.

14. Will there be a sports program?

We will start small with sports in the first year of our school offering possibly soccer and a few intramural games. As we gain grade levels we will increase our program, staff and join a conference.

15. Will SCSA offer clubs and field trips?

Absolutely! There will be one major field trip per each grade level this year with possibly smaller ones scheduled as well. You will receive information about this trip well in advance from your child’s grade level team. In addition to trips, we will also provide several clubs that involve STEM and other academic interests. Parents will have an opportunity to co-sponsor these clubs as well. Look for a club and organization event to happen in September!

16. Will there be recess?

An adult-monitored recess will be offered for at least 30 minutes daily for all students in each grade level. On inclement weather days, students will convene indoors with structured activities that promote movement.

17. Will each student have his/her own laptop?

No…SCSA is not a “one to one” technology school. Each grade level will have a laptop cart to be used daily according to the needs of teachers. 

18. Will my child be able to bring their cell phone to school?

SCSA will be equipped with multiple phones all over the school. In the event of an emergency, there will be a process and a plan to contact parents in a timely manner. Therefore, no students will need cell phones during the school day. Forgiveness will be granted if there is a late evening activity going on where students may need their phones. However, we will properly notify families in this instance. We respectfully ask that the phone remains at home. 

19. How will the school handle safety and security?

SCSA will always put the welfare and safety of our students, staff, and families first. To add, will have a card entry system for all staff. We will also be hiring a full-time student resource officer to support in the building as needed. Quarterly drills and conversations will be had with students and staff around safe practices and procedures as well. 

20. Will there be a school nurse?

Yes. We are seeking a part-time nurse for the school year.

21. Walkthrough

Thank you for being very patient with us as we await building completion and upcoming inspection. Once both are completed, we will post dates and times for a brief family walkthrough.